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Why NTU School of Social Sciences (SSS@NTU) 

SSS@NTU offers top-tier programmes in Economics, Psychology, Public Policy & Global Affairs, and Sociology, with direct entry to a four-year Honours programme. The school emphasizes interdisciplinary expertise, offering integrated majors like Economics and Data Science (ECDS) and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) too. Students can also pursue diverse academic paths, including Double Degrees, Second Majors, Double Majors, and Minors.


Visit us @ Nanyang Auditorium, Level B1

Interact with our faculty members and current students, participate in informative sessions, and explore the diverse offerings within the field of Social Sciences education, along with the abundance of opportunities awaiting incoming students.

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Economics is a very broad subject and I am glad I am allowed to pick the modules that appeal to me. The flexibility in terms of choosing my modules has allowed me to explore Microeconomics more in-depth, and helped me develop a deeper understanding and stronger grasp of concepts in a specific field as well"

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&  Integrated Single Majors

Discover the captivating essence of our 2023's virtual talks, offering a tantalizing glimpse into our transformative programmes.We invite you to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of our live sessions on March 2nd at LT1A. Embrace the experience and join us!

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